Cameron's Chinchillas

Specialising in violet chinchillas


Quotes I have two gorgeous boys from Cameron's Chinchillas: a black velvet and a violet. They're very friendly and inquisitive having been brought up very well in a comfortable, friendly environment with regular handling and lots of TLC. All of Cameron's chinchillas are in superb health and it's easy to see how passionate Cameron is about all of his chinchillas. He is an absolutely fantastic breeder and I'm so glad that my boys had such a great start in life. Quotes
Kelly Brennan
Veterinary Clinician & Happy Chin Mum

Quotes Cameron has lovely friendly chinchillas, who he cares for extremely well, his chins have loads of toys and lots of human and chinchilla interaction and strives to improve the quality of his herd. Quotes
Clare Llyod
Fellow Breeder

Quotes Cameron takes excellent care of his chinchillas. He truly cares about their well being and happiness. He strives to educate himself continually, knowing that a good breeder is never finished learning. Cheryl Graham Che' Chinchillas Quotes
Cheryl Graham/Che' Chinchillas
Fellow Breeder