Cameron's Chinchillas

Specialising in violet chinchillas

SOME OF MY CHINCHILLAS (please note many of them have not been groomed)

Binty - a violet female bred by Cameron's Chinchillas. 

Amethyst, a violet female - 1st, 2nd, National 2nd and Reserve best young mutation.

Blythe - a baby violet female bred by 

Cameron's Chinchillas aged 12 weeks. 

Floppy - a 10 year old violet male. 

1st ribbon winner.

Clemency - a beige female as a kit - bred by Sandy King

National 2nd ribbon winner. 

Bertie - standard carrying violet male. 

Bred by Cameron's Chinchillas. 

1st ribbon winner.

Blythe and Beau - Madina's week old violet twins.

Standard VC kit.

Indigo - violet male - 1st, National 1st, Best mutation, Reserve Grand show champion and "National Best Violet"

Essence - a young beige female bred by Sandy King. 

Royal - a violet male. 

Won Best adult mutation and 2 x 1st ribbons.

Bliss - a standard carrying violet female 

2nd ribbon winner.

 Mini Floppy - 1st ribbon winner and special ribbon winning violet female bred by Cameron's Chinchillas. 

Desire, a black velvet female.

National 2nd ribbon winner.

Madina, Ultra-violet female. 

2 x 1st ribbons, Best Mutation and Grand show Champion.